Ashish Tiwari

Research Interests

Decision Procedures

: Equational Reasoning, Term Rewriting, Reals, Exists-Forall

Hybrid Systems

: Verification, Synthesis, Abstraction, Computability and Control, Applications to Air/Ground Vehicles

Static Analysis

: Logical Abstract Interpretation, Decidability, combination, and pointer analysis, Probabilistic programs

Symbolic Systems Biology

: Pathway Logic


Current Professional Activities

Research Publications (reverse chronological order)

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Talks/Conference Tutorials

Slides for my lectures: Model Checking: Problem Definition, Model Checking: Example , Hybrid Systems: Definition, Model Checking: Techniques for Hybrid Systems. Tools: SAL, HybridSAL qualitative abstractor, and HybridSAL relational abstractor. Lab Exercise: exercise.txt, solution collatz.sal, puzzle.sal or puzzleNew.sal, robotNew.hsal
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Softwares/ Other Artifacts

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Other Papers/Reports

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Miscellaneous: Old Links

Off : EL 270, SRI Intl., 333 Ravenswood Ave, Menlo Park, CA 94025. Tel : 650-859-4774

Ashish Tiwari (Email: tiwari _AT_ csl _DOT_ sri _DOT_ com)