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Trusted Interoperation of Healthcare Information (TIHI)

The TIHI project addressed the issues that arise when some information must be shared among collaborating, but distinct enterprises. Such enterprises cannot fully share their data and information resources, although some information exchange is essential. The TIHI model deals then with the protection of shared information among friends, rather than with the withholding of information from adversaries. Protection of information interchange can also be neccessary within a single enterprise, when authority and responsibilties differ significantly.

It also deals with a specific gap that exists in the current model of authentication, authorization, information access, and presenting the resulting information to the requestor. In most practical domains there is no guarantee that the partitioning used for access will match the partitioning used to organize data for storage and retrieval, unless a very simple model (say open, secret, top secret) is used and rigorously employed. The unique aspect of the TIHI approach is that it also checks the results.


For more information, visit the TIHI home page.

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