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Autonomous Negotiating Teams (ANT)

We are investigating agent-based solutions to real-time, distributed resource management problems in electronic warfare. The project is centered around two applications: dynamic scan scheduling for radar detection and an EW challenge problem.

Scan-Scheduling Problem

In radar-detection applications, a sensor (i.e., an RF receiver) must cover a number of disjoint frequency bands. A scan schedule determines how often and for how long each band must be visited.

By dynamically adjusting the scan schedule depending on the current threat assessment and mission objectives, it is possible to improve detection performances. The problem is to compute a new schedule fast enough to satisfy real-time requirements.

We have obtained a precise mathematical specification of the scan-scheduling constraints and requirements, and shown that constructing a scan schedule is NP-complete. Results were presented at the ANT PI meeting in May 2000 and are available as slides and a technical report.

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