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Active Networks Test Environment (ACTIVATE)

ACTIVATE is a collaborative project to design, build, and manage a large-scale testbed to meet the unique requirements of active network (AN) research and development. Through the development of new technologies specifically targeted to the decentralized management of active networks, the proposed testbed, known as the Active Network Backbone (ABone), will provide an experimental infrastructure to support the deployment and testing of a growing collection of execution environments (EEs) and active applications (AAs).

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ABone Status

The ABone currently consists of dozens of core nodes, which are managed and monitored by the ABone Coordination Center (ABOCC, pronounced "A-Bock"), and private nodes known as edge nodes. The core ABone nodes are monitored by the ABOCC on a daily basis for possible node and network configiuration problems (which are reported to the respective node administrators) and on an hourly basis. Here's an example status report.

Registering with the ABOCC

Most uses of the ABone require registration with the ABOCC. Please read ISI's outline of ABone registration requirements to determine whether your intended participation in, or use of, the ABone requires registration. Then, if you need to register, please proceed to the ABone registration page.

Anetd: Active Networks Daemon

Every node on the ABone runs active networking management software known as Anetd (pronounced "A-Net-D"). Anetd is experimental software designed to support the deployment, operation and control of active networks. Anetd originated from a novel network management approach developed in SRI's ANCORS project. Anetd is now being enhanced to become a fundamental component of the ABone infrastructure. Anetd performs two major functions:

  • Deployment, configuration, and control of networking software, including active networking execution environment (EE) prototypes

  • Demultiplexing active network packets encapsulated using ANEP to multiple EEs located on the same network node and sharing the same input port.

To set up an ABone node (core or edge), you must download and install Anetd. Core nodes require special configuration (and registration). Please see the Anetd page for the latest information and downloading and installation instructions.



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