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Enclaves comprises middleware for supporting applications requiring secure interaction over the Internet. Enclaves is a Java-based software package that allows convenient and rapid development of collaboration tools for enabling groups of users to share sensitive information over the Internet. It is a lightweight solution to the problem of instantiating virtual private networks in a flexible, timely manner without having to set up a predesignated server. It also provides a powerful programming API that is the basis for developing new secure, interactive software and it enables easy integration of secure group interaction capabilities into existing applications.

  • Configure a group of users that communicate in a secure manner
  • Define and implement policy(ies) for allowing users to join the group
  • Configure network topology
  • Assign leader node(s)
  • Handle multiple message types
  • Enable secure authentication of users requesting to join a group
  • Provide scalability in a heterogeneous network
  • Enable multiple levels of security, allowing tradeoff between security level(key length) and performance (encrypt/decrypt algorithm speed)

You may also have a look at slides describing the Enclaves project.

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