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Dynamic Scan Scheduling
 by Dr. Bruno Dutertre.

From Proceedings of the 23rd IEEE International Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS'02).
Austin, TX.
December, 2002.
Pages 327–336.

We present an approach to computing cyclic schedules online and in real time, while attempting to maximize a quality-of-service metric. The motivation is the detection of RF emitters using a schedule that controls the scanning of disjoint frequency bands. The problem is NP-hard, but it exhibits a so-called phase transition that can be exploited to rapidly find a "good enough" schedule. Our approach relies on a graph-based schedule-construction algorithm. Selecting the input to this algorithm in the phase-transition region ensures, with high probability, that a schedule will be found quickly, and gives a lower bound on the quality of service this schedule will achieve.
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