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Dependable Systems Architectures

The architectural description language SADL is intended for the definition of software architecture hierarchies that are to be analyzed formally. The SADL language can be used to specify both the structure and the semantics of an architecture, but our main focus has been on the former. The interesting features in SADL include support for explicit mappings between architectures, generic architectures , architectural styles (including well-formedness constraints), and architecture refinement patterns that provide routine solutions to common design problems. SADL is programming language independent, but can be tailored to model programs in most conventional programming languages. It is currently being used on a number of projects at the SDL.

SADL Distribution

The SADL 1.0 Software Distribution is here at last! Just to whet your appetite, you can look at the README file that comes with the distribution before downloading. You may want to read the general introduction to the language:


A number of papers have been written that employ SADL in analyses of architecture hierarchy correctness and security:

Unpublished Papers



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