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Secure Software Architectures
 by Robert Riemenschneider, Mark Moriconi, Xiaolei Qian & Li Gong.

From Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy.
Oakland, CA.
May, 1997.
Pages 8493.

The computer industry is increasingly dependent on open architectural standards for their competitive success. This paper describes a new approach to secure system design in which the various representations of the architecture of a software system are described formally and the desired properties of the system are proven to hold at the architectural level. The main ideas are illustrated by means of the X/Open Distributed Transaction Processing reference architecture, which is formalized and extended for secure access control as defined by the Bell-LaPadula model. The extension allows vendors to develop individual components independently and with minimal concern about security. Two important observations were gelaned on the implications of incorporating security into software architectures.
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