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Notice: SRI International is a non-profit research institute, and the EMERALD eXpert-BSM system is an advanced intrusion detection system developed in part with funding by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The information collected by this registration application will be used strictly for the purposes of evaluating whether eXpert-BSM will be distributed to you. Your information will not be shared with outside organizations. For questions or comments regarding eXpert-BSM download registration, please contact (

SRI International reserves the right to refuse any requests for download, especially when the information provided seems inconsistent or is incomplete.

Please be sure that the email address you give works and matches the name of your organization.

First please read the eXpert-BSM   Software Licensing Agreement.

The following identification information (preceeded by an asterisk) is required. Please use only standard ASCII characters; our code will reject others. It will also reject ASCII characters we do not expect to see in the data.

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Please also answer the following questions, as this information will help in future development efforts.

How did you hear about EMERALD?
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On which version(s) of Solaris will you deploy eXpert-BSM?
    2.6     7     8     other

Where do you intend to run eXpert-BSM?
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Do you intend to run eXpert-BSM on a platform with
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     over 16 processors?

What other production Unix System(s) would you like to run eXpert-BSM on?
     Sun Solaris 5.5.1
     Sun SunOS 4.1.3+
     Other Unix

What host-based IDS's do you run in your environment?

What network-based IDS's do you run in your environment?

Is your organization a U.S. Government agency or contractor?
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