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The PUT command

PUT <remote_relative_path/remote_filename> <local_path/local_filename>

Allows a client to upload a file through Anetd. The maximum file size is 63K bytes. The content in the file (local_filename) will be put in the file (remote_filename) in the client's code installation directory at the server side.

Example 3.13
This command uploads the file /homes/user1/config at the client side (apple) to the file
/homes/user/anetd/var/88aa22bb/newdir/testfile on host side (berry).

[berry]% ad.bsd44 
(machine berry has ip address in hex as 88aa22bb)

[apple]% sc.solaris host PUT newdir/testfile /homes/user1/config 

Steven Dawson 2001-08-30