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The GET and TGET commands

GET <relative_path/file>

TGET <relative_path/file>

Allows a client to retrieve a file through Anetd.

Anetd by default uses the directory $(anetd_var)/$<$clientip$>$ to look for the file <relative_path/file>. Anetd only allows the client that originally created the file $<$file$>$ to retrieve it. The content of the file is returned to the client in the acknowledge message. The file returned cannot be greater than approximately 64K bytes, since this is the maximum payload of an ANEP packet, and we are using ANEP as datagram. Larger files are truncated to their maximum allowed size. The GET command returns (at most) the first 64K of the file, while the TGET command returns (at most) the last 64K of the file.

Example 3.12
sc.solaris host GET output

Steven Dawson 2001-08-30