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[-]GETCOMM [noquery]

Return, to the client originating the command, a list of the commands most recently executed by Anetd since it was last started (GETCOMM) or a list of the permanent commands (-GETCOMM). The length of the returned list is currently limited to approximately 250 entries.

If the noquery option is specified (version 1.6.2 or later), QUERY commands are omitted from the list.

The list has the following format:
$<$index$>$ $<$time$>$ $<$clientip$>$ $<$command$>$

Example 3.14
$ sc d04 GETCOMM
text/ancors: RELEASE_1_6_2 bsd44
0 Wed Jul 12 11:56:11 2000 7f136b82 QUERY version 1 forward

Steven Dawson 2001-08-30