Rewrite Closures for Ground and Cancellative AC Theories

Ashish Tiwari

To be presented at FST&TCS'01, IISc Bangalore, India, Dec 13--15 2001. Springer-Verlag. The final version will be available at the Springer LNCS site


Given a binary relation $\inputeqns\cup\inputrules$ on the set of ground terms over some signature, we define an abstract rewrite closure for $\inputeqns\cup\inputrules$. An abstract rewrite closure can be interpreted as a specialized ground tree transducer (pair of bottom-up tree automata) and can be used to efficiently decide the reachability relation $\rightarrow_{\inputeqns\cup\inputeqns^{-}\cup\inputrules}^*$. It is constructed using a completion like procedure. Correctness is established using proof ordering techniques. The procedure is extended, in a modular way, to deal with signatures containing cancellative associative commutative function symbols.


Full version can be downloaded from here .


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