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Using Model-based Intrusion Detection for SCADA Networks
 by Dr. Steven Cheung, Dr. Bruno Dutertre, Martin Fong, Dr. Ulf Lindqvist, Keith Skinner & Alfonso Valdes.

From Proceedings of the SCADA Security Scientific Symposium.
Miami Beach, Florida,
January 2007.

In a model-based intrusion detection approach for protecting SCADA networks, we construct models that characterize the expected/acceptable behavior of the system, and detect attacks that cause violations of these models. Process control networks tend to have static topologies, regular traffic patterns, and a limited number of applications and protocols running on them. Thus, we believe that model-based monitoring, which has the potential for detecting unknown attacks, is more feasible for control networks than for general enterprise networks. To this end, we describe three model-based techniques that we have developed and a prototype implementation of them for monitoring Modbus TCP networks.
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