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The OWL-S editor - a development tool for semantic web services (YR-SOC)
 by Dr. Grit Denker, Daniel Elenius, Fred Gilham Jr., John Khouri, Rukman Senanayake, David Martin & Shahin Sadaati.


Semantic Web Services (SWSs) promise to provide solutions to the challenges associated with automated discovery, dynamic composition, enactment, and other tasks associated with managing and using service-based systems. One of the barriers to a wider adoption of SWS technology is the lack of tools for creating SWS specifications. OWL-S is one of the major SWS description languages. This paper presents an OWL-S Editor, whose objective is to allow easy, intuitive OWL-S service development and to provide a variety of special-purpose capabilities to facilitate SWS design. The editor is implemented as a plugin to the Protege OWL ontology editor, and is being developed as open-source software.

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