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Modular Verification of SRT Division
 by Dr. Harald Rueß, Dr. Natarajan Shankar & M.K Srivas.

We describe a formal specification and verification in PVS for the general theory of SRT division, and for the hardware design of a specific implementation. The specification demonstrates how attributes of the PVS language (in particular, predicate subtypes) allow the general theory to be developed in a readable manner that is similar to textbook presentations, while the PVS table construct allows direct specification of the implementation's quotient look-up table. Verification of the deriva­tions in the SRT theory and for the data path and look-up table of the implementation are highly automated and performed for arbitrary, but finite precision; in addition, the theory is verified for general radix, while the implementation is specialized to radix 4. The effectiveness of the automation derives from PVS's tight integration of rewriting with deci­sion procedures for equality, linear arithmetic over integers and rationals, and propositional logic. This example demonstrates that the resources of an expressive specification language and of a general-purpose theorem prover are not inimical to highly automated verification in this domain, and can contribute to clarity, generality, and reuse.


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