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Cyber Security Awareness Requirements for Operational Technology Systems
 by David Balenson, Dr. Michael E. Locasto & Tim Ellis.

Recent events have demonstrated that critical infrastructure assets operated by networked industrial control systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks. The first step to addressing the threats is to establish and maintain reliable monitoring of the cyber security health of systems so that their true cyber security states are known. For current operational technology systems, there is growing, but limited, availability of technologies and tools that provide the needed cyber security awareness. This chapter summarizes recent efforts conducted in collaboration with members of the U.S. natural gas distribution sector to develop a set of recommended functional requirements for cyber security health monitoring and awareness of operational technology systems. The design-driven process is described and the resulting nine key recommendations for securing operational technology systems are presented.
Ellis T., Balenson D., Locasto M. (2022) Cyber Security Awareness Requirements for Operational Technology Systems. In: Staggs J., Shenoi S. (eds) Critical Infrastructure Protection XV. ICCIP 2021. IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology, vol 636. Springer, Cham.


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