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Sensor Coordination Using Active Dataspaces
 by Dr. Steven Cheung & Mohamed Abdelhafez.

Technical Report SRI-CSL-07-01
Computer Science Laboratory
SRI International
January 2007

To ease application development for wireless sensor networks, we have developed a high-level, data-centric programming model, called active dataspace (ADS), and a prototype implementation of ADS on the TinyOS platform. An ADS is an active data repository that supports associative data access operations. The ADS model is based on the tuple space coordination model used in parallel computing, and extends it to make it applicable for sensor networks. The key elements of ADS include a construct, called virtual tuple, that enables a sensor node to express its capability to generate on demand a specified type of tuple, in-network aggregation primitives to support resource-efficient data accesses, and timeout tags for tuples to facilitate handling sensor network dynamics. ADS provides a high-level, expressive programming abstraction for developing a variety of sensor network applications that are resource efficient, and tackle the “come and go” characteristic of sensor networks.
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