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Quantitative Fault Propagation Analysis for Networked Cyber-Physical Systems
 by Dr. Linda Briesemeister, Dr. Grit Denker, Daniel Elenius, Dr. Ian A. Mason, Srivatsan Varadarajan, Devesh Bhatt, Brendan Hall, Gabor Madl (Honeywell) & Wilfried Steiner (TTTech AG).

This paper presents an approach to analyzing a model of networked cyber-physical systems for fault propagation. We present an implementation of a probabilistic logic model, which allows for reasoning via symbolic evaluation as well as numeric evaluation to perform a quantitative fault analysis. Our models are built from a few building blocks, which can be instantiated as standard or high integrity; communication paths can be made redundant, and finally, whole subsystem blocks can be replicated. We assume an underlying networking infrastructure of TTEthernet, which allows traffic of time-triggered, rate-constrained, or best-effort modes with different safety features. We apply our approach to a case study of a brake-by-wire system that contains communication flows with different traffic modes according to their criticality.
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