LR(k) Sparse-Parsers and Their Optimization

John Rushby

PhD Thesis, Computing Laboratory, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, September 1977.

I'd like to find a way to get this online. It's 400 pages and typewritten, with formulas drawn in by hand with a mapping pen! The gocr OCR program delivered the following interpretation of the first few lines of the abstract


A method of syntactic _alygts ta developed whtch
tg beltevea to B_pasg all known competttors in _ll major
Tbe method ta based upon that ageoctatn_d with the
_RCb_ Br_ara but ig f_ter becauBe it bypasseg all
reductton BtepB concerned with lchatnl producttong_ These
_e freely aelected productíons which are congtdered
Bem_ttCally trreleV_t _d whose rieht p_tB consiat of

Clearly more work needed.

 *NEW* Well, what do you know...Newcastle University has scanned its old theses and put them online. You can find mine here; beware that it is about 20 MBytes.

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