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The RESTART Command

RESTART [exec]

Checks whether Anetd can be self-restarted and optionally causes Anetd to shutdown and restart. The RESTART command with no arguments simply checks whether Anetd is likely to succeed in attempting a self-restart. If the keyword ``exec'' is specified, Anetd will attempt a self-restart if it appears safe to do so. The RESTART command may be used only be principals with ABone administrative privilege.

The effect of a successful self-restart is essentially the same as if Anetd had been sent the signal SIGINT (see Section 3.6) and restarted locally on the node. In particular, EEs with the autokill flag set (the default) are terminated by Anetd when it shuts down, and only permanent EEs are restarted when Anetd restarts.

Steven Dawson 2001-08-30