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Semantic Interoperation: A Query Mediation Approach
 by Xiaolei Qian & Teresa F. Lunt.

Number SRI-CSL-94-02.
Computer Science Laboratory, SRI International.

We present a query mediation approach to the interoperation of autonomous heterogeneous databases containing data with semantic and representational mismatches. We develop an architecture of interoperation that facilitates query mediation, and formalize the semantics of query mediation. The main contributions are the automated mediation of queries between databases, and the separation of semantic heterogeneity from representational heterogeneity. Query mediation in heterogeneous legacy databases makes both the data and the applications accessing the data interoperable. Automated query mediation relieves users from the difficult task of resolving semantic and representational mismatches. Decoupling semantic and representational heterogeneity improves the efficiency of automated query mediation.


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