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Multidimensional Problem Solving in Lucid
 by A.A. Faustini and R. Jagannathan.

Number SRI-CSL-93-13.
Computer Science Laboratory, SRI International.

One of the limitations of Original Lucid is its inability to deal easily with multidimensional data structures such as arrays and trees. Over the past ten years, Lucid has evolved sufficiently to express and manipulate multidimensional data structures that change --- thus making multidimensional problem solving naturally possible in the latest version of Lucid, called Indexical Lucid. In this report, we trace the evolution of Lucid from 1984 to its current form. We discuss the novel aspects of Indexical Lucid by contrasting it with Original Lucid. We also illustrate the expressiveness of Indexical Lucid by solving selected multidimensional problems.
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