SRI International Computer Science Laboratory

John Rushby: Phone number

If you must know, it's 650/859-5456.

I dislike the interruptions so only answer the telephone by prior appointment. Because I never listened to it, SRI has removed my voicemail and, unfortunately, forwarding. If you want to reach me, use email.

If you insist on calling, and get no answer from my phone, you can contact my secretary, Nora Ongpin, at 650/859-5924.

Don't even think about calling my cellphone. I only answer personal calls.

I generally check email every day no matter where I am. When I first got an Arpanet account in 1979, you could log in from almost anywhere in the world by dialing a TAC. That capability went away in the 80s, but now it's back in the form of international ISPs and worldwide GSM. Here are some details on email on the road if you are interested.

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