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Uncompressing/Gunzipping Service for Postscript Files

If you lack the gunzip program, or are using a Windows or Mac machine (where the Web Browsers fail to interpret the .gz and .Z extensions correctly), you will be unable to read our compressed postscript files.

As a workaround, we provide a gunzipping service: just type (or cut and paste) the URL of the file concerned into this window and press the "submit" button. We will uncompress the file locally and stream the raw postscript back to your browser.

URL of compressed postscript file:

Note: the URL must be one of ours (i.e., must start with
And must be a compressed or gzipped postscript file (i.e., must end with .ps.Z or .ps.gz).


This is the URL of a compressed postscript test file:

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