PVS Embeddings of Propositional and Quantified Modal Logic

John Rushby

SRI-CSL Technical Report, November 2017, minor revision May 2022


Modal logics allow reasoning about various modes of truth: for example, what it means for something to be possibly true, or to know that something is true as opposed to merely believing it. This report describes embeddings of propositional and quantified modal logic in the PVS verification system. The resources of PVS allow this to be done in an attractive way that supports much of the standard syntax of modal logic, while providing effective automation.

The report introduces and formally specifies and verifies several standard topics in modal logic such as relationships between the standard modal axioms and properties of the accessibility relation, and attributes of the Barcan Formula and its converse in both constant and varying domains.


Also available as arXiv:2205.06391

PVS Files

TBD. In the meantime, it's OK to scrape PVS text from the pdf.

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