From DSS to MILS (extended abstract)

John Rushby

This was presented at a Festschrift in honor of Brian Randell on the occasion of his 75th birthday.

The talk was the main thing (see below), but the paper appears in "Randell's Tales: a Festschrift recognizing the contributions of Brian Randell", C.B. Jones and J.L Lloyd (Eds.), Springer LNCS 6875, pp. 53--57, August 2011.


I outline the principal ideas of the Distributed Secure System (DSS) on which Brian Randell and I collaborated in the early 1980s, its modern manifestation as MILS, and continuing research challenges posed by these architectures.



An Appreciation of Some of Brian Randell's Contributions to Computer Security

Recorded Talk

Intro by John Lloyd and vimeo video of slides and voice only for an "Appreciation of some of Brian Randell's Contributions to Computer Security" on the occasion of his 75th birthday in May 2011.

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