Evaluating the Assessment of Software Fault-Freeness

John Rushby with Bev Littlewood and Lorenzo Strigini of the Centre for Software Reliability, City University London, UK

Presented at workshop on Assessing the Efficacy of Standards for Safety Critical Software (AESSCS 2014), Newcastle upon Tyne UK, 13 May 2014

Proceedings published on arxiv but, for some reason, our paper is mangled; please use the PDF link below.


We propose to validate experimentally a theory of software certification that proceeds from assessment of confidence in fault-freeness (due to standards) to conservative prediction of failure-free operation.

Note that the workshop was concerned with assessment of standards for critical software, and the paper is presented to address that question. Nonetheless, it provides a very succinct account of the best explanation we have for how assurance for critical software actually works.




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