*** CHANGES, 1st/2nd/3rd printing, Computer-Related Risks, Peter G. Neumann

Page 193, lines 4-7. The "LaserWriter" (Apple product) saga is in error. The parenthetical should apply to "Laserwriter" not "Laserjet" as it was in the first three printings. It should read as follows:

``Scott Siege noted that the spelling checker for a Unix system failed to recognize the word Unix, and that a checker on the Apple Macintosh suggested that Laserwriter (which is Apple's printer) be changed to a competitor's Laserjet!''

Page 288, relating to Enos, the space monkey. Enos in Greek is WINE (oivos, oi=e and v=n), not Man. George Roussos noted that this breaks the macho monkey joke, but goes well with my `expect the unexpected' motto, in the sense that a computer-related risks book bug is due to an unchecked Greek literature reference. [Efcharisto', George!] An appropriate correction to the book would be simply to change "man" to "wine". (Alternatively, we could remove the end of the parenthetical, "which is Greek for man" [anthropos], as it is now gratuitous.)

Page 314, the table can be updated as follows:
Volume 16: began May 1, 1994, 96 issues
Volume 17: began Mar 27, 1995, 96 issues
Volume 18: began Apr 5, 1996, 96 issues
Volume 19: began Apr 1, 1996, ongoing

Page 314, The correct ftp address is ftp.sri.com [], rather than crvax.sri.com (1st printing) or unix.sri.com (2nd/3rd printing). The Unix subdirectories are now numbered 1, 2, 3, ... by volume number.
The last sentence "RISKS is also available through the Wide Area Information Server" should be replaced with the following text. A searchable archive site is maintained by Lindsay Marshall at http://catless.ncl.ac.uk/Risks/ . Page 314, Please remove the entire paragraph on RISKS by FAX. RISKS is no longer available by fax.

Page 315, VIRUS-L has moved again. In the paragraph on VIRUS-L, the rest of the paragraph beginning with "A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) ... should be replaced with this: A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document and pointers to all of the back issues are available at http://www.faqs.org/faqs/computer-virus/faq, along with instructions for subscribing and contributing. =========================================================================
*** MORE RECENT MATERIAL can be found in recent issues of Software Enginering Notes and in the on-line Risks Forum. Updated book material is expected to appear soon on-line as well.

*** CHANGES, 1st printing only, Computer-Related Risks, Peter G. Neumann

In case there are still a few uncorrected 1st-printing copies in existence, here are a few more fixes: p.129, line 13: Change "Malicously" to "Maliciously".

p.134, line 9 from page bottom: Change "for the the Soviet" to "for the Soviet"

p. 313. In the table of issues of SEN, the second and third columns of the table got munged in press after being correct in page proofs! The column under 76 should be [blank],[blank],<1>,2, and the column under 77 should be 1,3,4,5, reading vertically downward.

INDEX, p.359, last line, and p.360 first line: Change "lighting" to "lightning". (Lighting must have struck twice for the proofreaders.)