Anthony G. Oettinger at 70, March 1999

This is the almost-final version of a song with words written by Robert Ashenhurst in imitation of the Gilbert and Sullivan song, ``I am so proud'' from the Mikado, sung by Poo-Bah, Ko-Ko, and Pish-Tush, which in this version are aliased as Pooh-Bear, Coo-Coo, and Mish-Mash. (Bob changed a few words of his part as Mish-Mash at the very last moment, and I have not yet recorded them here.) Many years ago, Tony coined the term ``Compunications'' to represent computers and communications. That has clearly inspired Bob. This libretto should enable you to try it yourselves at home.

     He is so wise,
     His talk supplies
     Analysis for
     Those seeking more--
     But all admit
     His fabled wit
     Helps make things clear
     To a listener's ear.

     His wisdom grows
     And what he knows
     Confounds his foes
     As on he goes (as on he goes)-- 

     His brain, it teems
     With endless schemes
     Both good and new
     For Harvard U. (for Harvard U.)--

     And if the boys
     Who make the noise
     Would only heed
     His call, indeed,
     Their every word
     Would then be heard
     As less absurd,
     Hence more preferred. 

     I heard one day
     A programmer say
     That software is real-
     Ly no big deal--
     So where's it at
     For users that
     Are quite confused (confused)
     About the used?

     If this is true,
     The users should sue
     Designers who 
     Just haven't a clue--

TRIO PB He is so wise ...
     CC   His brain it teems ...
     MM     I heard one day ...

     And so, although
     He's really a pro,
     Yet recollect
     One must effect
     What may protect
     The circumspect
     And thus direct
     Benign neglect.

     And so, although
     I'd like to know
     What makes him shine
     With brilliance fine
     Along the line
     Of a neon sign--
     Yet I'll decline,
     If there's more wine.

     To go and show
     With ho-de-ho
     What all is there,
     I'm quite aware
     Is much to dare,
     And I declare
     It's not quite fair,
     But I don't much care.

TRIO PB: Yet I'll decline (6x)
     CC:   Benign neglect (6x)
     MM:     It's not quite fair, But I don't much care (3x) +
             Much care, I don't much care, I don't much care

TRIO (twice, with different harmonizations)
  To sit in solemn silence in a lecture hall,
  There to listen to pronouncements of what will befall,
  And just what is the message holding us in thrall:
  Yea, Compunications in the end will save us all.

  A lecture hall, what will befall,
  Holds us in thrall, to save us all--
     To sit in solemn silence, hoping that it's no delusion
     To have faith in the conclusion that Compunications in the end
     Will Save Us All!