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There are 13 publications in this list.
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International Telephone Network Management as Distributed Problem Solving -Investigation of a Practical Strategy and Solution Tradeoffs-
   Wesley, Garcia-Luna-Aceves, Crow, Zaumen, Rushby, Garvey, Hashimoto, Matsumoto, Yamaguchi, Yokota, Asami.
Models and Mechanized Methods that Integrate Human Factors into Automation Design
   Judy Crow, Denis Javaux (University of Liege), and John Rushby. September, 2000.
An Automated Method to Detect Potential Mode Confusions
   John Rushby, Judith Crow and Everett Palmer. October, 1999.
Formalizing space shuttle software requirements: four case studies
   Judith Crow and Ben Di Vito. July, 1998.
NASA Formal Methods Specification and Analysis Guidebook for the Verification of Software and Computer Systems, Volume II: A Practitioner's Companion
   Judy Crow et al. 1998.
Formalizing Space Shuttle Software Requirements
   Judith Crow and Ben L. Di Vito. jan }, 1996.
Finite-State Analysis of Space Shuttle Contingency Guidance Requirements
   Judith Crow. December, 1995.
A Tutorial Introduction to PVS
   Judy Crow, Sam Owre, John Rushby, Natarajan Shankar, and Mandayam Srivas. April, 1995.
Model-Based Reconfiguration: Diagnosis and Recovery
   Judy Crow and John Rushby. May, 1994.
Model-Based Reconfiguration: Toward an Integration with Diagnosis
   Judith Crow and John Rushby. July, 1991.


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