Date: 10 Jan 2017 (LAST-MODIFIED)
From: RISKS-request@csl.sri.com
Subject: Info on RISKS (comp.risks), contributions, subscriptions, FTP, etc.

The RISKS Forum is a moderated digest. Its USENET equivalent is comp.risks. Undigestifiers are available throughout the Internet, but not from RISKS.

NOTE: I am sometimes away from the Net for prolonged periods. Do not be surprised if you do not get immediate responses. PGN

 The ACM RISKS Forum is a MODERATED digest.  Its Usenet manifestation is
 comp.risks, the feed for which is donated by panix.com as of June 2011.
=> SUBSCRIPTIONS:   The mailman web interface can be used directly to
 subscribe and unsubscribe: 
 Alternatively, to subscribe or unsubscribe via e-mail to mailman
 your FROM: address, send a message to
 containing only the one-word text subscribe or unsubscribe.  You may
 also specify a different receiving address: subscribe address= ... .
 You may short-circuit that process by sending directly to either
   risks-subscribe@csl.sri.com or risks-unsubscribe@csl.sri.com
 depending on which action is to be taken.
 Subscription and unsubscription requests may require that you reply to a
 confirmation message sent to the subscribing mail address.  Instructions
 are included in the confirmation message.  Each issue of RISKS that you
 receive contains this information on how to post, unsubscribe, etc.

=> SPAM challenge-responses will not be honored.  Instead, use an alternative
 address from which you NEVER send mail!
=> The INFO file (submissions, default disclaimers, archive sites,
 copyright policy, etc.) is also obtainable from

 The full info file may appear now and then in RISKS issues.  *** All
 contributors are assumed to have read the full info file for guidelines. ***

=> SUBMISSIONS: send to risks@CSL.sri.com with meaningful SUBJECT: line.
 NOTE: Including the string "notsp" at the beginning or end of the subject
 line will be very helpful in separating real contributions from spam.
 This attention-string has never changed, but might if spammers use it.
 will not be personally ACKed; the load is too great; however, those with 
 "notsp" in the subject line will receive an automated reply.  If you feel 
 your contribution was neglected, please send a follow-up message; the
 moderator may have missed it.  Anonymous mail will not be accepted.  
 **PLEASE** include your name & legitimate Internet FROM: address.  

 * Content.  Diversity of content is welcome, but attacks on persons or
 other entities are not.  RISKS is a moderated digest, but the moderator is
 extremely limited in the time he can devote to it.  Please bear with him.
 The moderator is not responsible for your errors, although contributions
 are generally subjected to spelling correction and some grammatical
 improvements.  Accuracy is the responsibility of the contributor, although
 efforts are normally made to correct substantive errors in subsequent
 issues.  Archival copies are normally not updated.  Controversial 
 contributions will generally be subjected to internal review, or may be
 rejected outright along with otherwise inappropriate material.  No 
 confirmation is generally given as to the disposition of contributions.

 and any associations with employers or other organizations are for
 information purposes only.  Disclaimers of such association are therefore
 implicit, and are typically deleted.  Unless contributions are accepted for
 inclusion in RISKS, they will not otherwise be publicly distributed by RISKS.

 * Submissions: By submitting an item that is accepted for publication in
 RISKS, the author grants permission for unlimited public distribution and
 redistribution in electronic or other form.  Particularly relevant
 contributions may be adapted for the RISKS sections of issues of ACM
 SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes.

 * Reuse:  Blanket permission is hereby granted for reuse of all materials
 in RISKS, under the following conditions.  All redistributed items must
 include the Risks-Forum masthead line.  All reuse must be accompanied by 
 the following statement:
     Reused without explicit authorization under blanket permission
     granted for all Risks-Forum Digest materials.  The author(s), the 
     RISKS moderator, and the ACM have no connection with this reuse.
 As a courtesy, reusers of individual items (as opposed to forwardings of 
 entire issues) should notify the authors, and should pay particular 
 attention to any subsequent corrections.

  http://catless.ncl.ac.uk/Risks/VL/IS gets you VoLume, ISsue.
 Also ftp://ftp.sri.com/risks for the current volume
     or ftp://ftp.sri.com/VL/risks-VL.IS for previous VoLume, IS = number.
  redirects you to Lindsay Marshall's Newcastle archive.
  If none of those work for you, the most recent issue is always at
     http://www.csl.sri.com/users/risko/risks.txt, and index at /risks-30.00
   Lindsay has also added to the Newcastle catless site a palmtop version
   of the most recent RISKS issue: http://catless.ncl.ac.uk/w/r
==> PGN's comprehensive historical Illustrative Risks summary of one liners:
     for browsing,
     or .ps for printing

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