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[1] A-Match web site [ bib | http ]
[2] G. Holness, D. Karuppiah, S. Uppala, R. Grupen, and S. C. Ravela. A service paradigm for reconfigurable agents. In Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Infrastructure for Agents, MAS, and Scalable MAS, May 2001. [ bib | .html ]
[3] IPC web site [ bib | .html ]
[4] Java Agent Services web site [ bib | http ]
[5] JATLite web site [ bib | http ]
[6] JavaSpaces web site [ bib | http ]
[7] Open Agent Architecture web site [ bib | http ]
[8] R. Simmons and G. Whelan. Visualization tools for validating software of autonomous spacecraft. In D. Atkinson, editor, Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Automation for Space (i-SAIRAS), July 1997. [ bib | .html ]
Spacecraft autonomy is becoming an increasingly important technology. Yet the very nature of autonomy - on-board decision making and largely unattended operation - makes it important that such systems be thoroughly tested and validated. We are developing software visualization tools to assist in the validation process. The tools, which are designed to facilitate human problem solving, combine graphical layout and color to present “gestalt” views of system execution, together with interactive facilities for browsing, searching, and tracking down potential problems. This paper describes two tools being developed in conjunction with the NASA New Millennium Program - one for visualizing inter-process comm-unication and one for visualizing plan execution.

[9] TCA web site [ bib | http ]
[10] TDL web site [ bib | http ]

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