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OWL-S Editor
 by Dr. Grit Denker, Daniel Elenius & David Martin.

An increasing number of organizations are endorsing Web Services (WS) technology to extend corporate re- sources to customers and partners and to leverage resources of others. Although Web Services, based on XML technology, allow interoperability, they do not support efficient and flexible search, allocation, composition, runtime monitoring, or invocation of those Web Services. Semantic Web Services (SWSs) use semantically rich annotations to facilitate these tasks. Richer semantics can provide fuller, more flexible automation of service provision, and use and support the construction of more powerful tools and methodologies. OWL-S, WSMO and other related work may be viewed as efforts to lay the foundations for the most effective evolution of Web-Service-related capabilities that can be supported with current and maturing technologies. Tools that make the SWS technology accessible to a broad audience with diverse needs are a crucial factor in the success of SWS technology. Tools need to facilitate service definition and annotation, execution and monitoring engines, service registration and discovery and much more. Our work is aimed at providing a flexible, yet powerful editor for OWL-S annotations. Our approach makes use of existing Protege knowledge representation technology and its OWL plugin while tailoring the OWL-S editor to the specific needs of service annotation. There exist other, similar OWL-S editor efforts, that—contrary to our effort—have not made any code available for download (e.g., the OWL-S editor developed at University of Malta and CMU’s Eclipse-based OWL-S editor). Other related SWS efforts have different scope, such as the ODE SWS toolset that uses Problem-Solving Methods instead of process-based service models.

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