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Model-Based Reconfiguration: Diagnosis and Recovery
 by Dr. John Rushby & Judy Crow.

Number 4596.
NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA.
May, 1994.
Type: NASA Contractor Report.

We extend Reiter's general theory of model-based diagnosis to a theory of fault detection, identification, and reconfiguration (FDIR). The generality of Reiter's theory readily supports an extension in which the problem of reconfiguration is viewed as a close analogue of the problem of diagnosis. Using a reconfiguration predicate rcfg analogous to the abnormality predicate ab, we derive a strategy for reconfiguration by transforming the corresponding strategy for diagnosis. There are two obvious benefits of this approach: first, algorithms for diagnosis can be exploited as algorithms for reconfiguration; second, we have a theoretical framework for an integrated approach to FDIR. As a first step toward realizing these benefits, we show that a class of diagnosis engines can be used for reconfiguration and we discuss algorithms for integrated FDIR. We argue that integrating recovery and diagnosis is an essential next step if this technology is to be useful for practical applications.
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