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Decision Problems for Propositional Linear Logic
 by Dr. Patrick Lincoln, Dr. Natarajan Shankar, John Mitchell & Andre Scedrov.


Linear logic, introduced by Girard, is a refinement of classical logic with a natural, intrinsic accounting of resources. This accounting is made possible by removing the "structural" rules of contraction and weakening; adding a modal operator; and adding finer versions of the propositional connectives. Linear logic has fundamental logical interest and applications to computer science, particularly to Petri nets, concurrency, storage allocation, garbage collection, and the control structure of logic programs. In addition, there is a direct correspondence between polynomial-time computation and proof normalization in a bounded form of linear logic.

In this paper we show that unlike most other propositional (quantifier-free) logics, full propositional linear logic is undecidable. Further, we prove that without the modal storage operator, which indicates unboundedness of resources, the decision problem becomes PSPACE-complete. We also establish membership in NP for the multiplicative fragment, NP-completeness for the multiplicative fragment extended with unrestricted weakening, and undecidability for fragments of noncommutative propositional linear logic.



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