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Unifying Verification Paradigms (Extended Abstract)
 by Dr. Natarajan Shankar.

The field of formal methods is blessed with an overabundance of formalisms (functional, relational, automata-theoretic, modal, and temporal), techniques (resolution, rewriting, induction, and model checking), and application areas (hardware, reactive, fault-tolerant, real time, and hybrid systems). No single verification approach has proven convincingly superior to the others. I argue that it is both necessary and desirable to develop a unified framework within which different approaches can coexist. The paper outlines some preliminary efforts in this direction in the context of SRI's PVS system. These efforts include the embedding of special-purpose formalisms (e.g., the Duration Calculus) into the general-purpose PVS logic, the integration of theorem proving with various forms of model checking, and the application of theorem proving and model checking to the analysis of tabular specifications.


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