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Bus Architectures For Safety-Critical Embedded Systems
 by Dr. John Rushby.

Volume 2211.
From EMSOFT 2001: Proceedings of the First Workshop on Embedded Software.
Edited by Tom Henzinger and Christoph Kirsch.
Springer-Verlag, Lake Tahoe, CA.
October, 2001.
Pages 306–323.

Embedded systems for safety-critical applications often integrate multiple ``functions'' and must generally be fault-tolerant. These requirements lead to a need for mechanisms and services that provide protection against fault propagation and ease the construction of distributed fault-tolerant applications. A number of bus architectures have been developed to satisfy this need. This paper reviews the requirements on these architectures, the mechanisms employed, and the services provided. Four representative architectures (SAFEbus\tm, SPIDER, TTA, and FlexRay) are briefly described.
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