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Acceptance of Formal Methods: Lessons from Hardware Design
 by Dr. John Rushby & David L. Dill.

Appears in IEEE Computer, Volume 29, Number 4.
April, 1996.
Pages 23–24.

The IEEE magazine Computer has a 15-page "roundtable" on formal methods in its April 1996 issue (Vol. 29, No. 4, pp. 16-30). Organized by Hossein Saiedian and titled An Invitation to Formal Methods, the article features short articles by Hossein Saiedian, Jonathan P. Bowen, Ricky W. Butler, David L. Dill, Robert L. Glass, David Gries, Anthony Hall, Michael G. Hinchey, C. Michael Holloway, Daniel Jackson, Cliff B. Jones, Michael J. Lutz, David L. Parnas, John Rushby, Jeannette Wing, and Pamela Zave. Here's our contribution.
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