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 by Fred Gilham Jr., Dr. Peter Neumann, Alfonso Valdes, Teresa F. Lunt, Ann Tamaru, R. Jagannathan, Caveh Jalali, Harold S. Javitz & Thomas D. Garvey.

SRI International has designed and developed a real-time intrusion detection expert system (IDES). IDES is a stand-alone system that observes user behavior on one or more monitored computer systems and flags suspicious events. IDES monitors the activities of individual users, groups, remote hosts and entire systems, and detects suspected security violations, by both insiders and outsiders, as they occur. IDES adaptively learns users’ behavior patterns over time and detects behavior that deviates from these patterns. IDES also has a rule-based component that can be used to encode information about known system vulnerabilities and intrusion scenarios. Integrating the two approaches makes IDES a comprehensive system for detecting intrusions as well as misuse by authorized users. IDES has been enhanced to run under GLU, a platform supporting distributed, parallel computation; GLU enhances configuration flexibility and system fault tolerance. This final report is a deliverable item for work supported by the U.S. Navy, SPAWAR, which funded SRI through U.S. Government Contract No. N00039-89-C-0050.


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