IWC 2016 Accepted Papers

Chenavier Cyrille. An Algebraic Approach of Confluence and Completion
Sayaka Ishizuki, Masahiko Sakai and Michio Oyamaguchi. Conditions for confluence of innermost terminating term rewriting systems
Bertram Felgenhauer. Efficiently Deciding Uniqueness of Normal Forms and Unique Normalization for Ground TRSs
Joerg Endrullis, Jan Willem Klop and Roy Overbeek. Decreasing Diagrams: Two Labels Suffice
Thomas Sternagel and Christian Sternagel. Formalized Confluence of Quasi-Reductive, Strongly Deterministic Conditional TRSs
Franziska Rapp and Aart Middeldorp. Confluence Properties on Open Terms in the First-Order Theory of Rewriting
Julian Nagele, Vincent van Oostrom and Christian Sternagel. A Short Mechanized Proof of the Church-Rosser Theorem in Nominal Isabelle
Naoki Nishida. Notes on Confluence of Ultra-WLL SDCTRSs via a Structure-Preserving Transformation
Stefan Kahrs and Connor Smith. Non-omega-overlapping TRSs are UN
Takahito Aoto and Yoshihito Toyama. Ground Confluence Proof with Pattern Complementation
Clément Alleaume and Philippe Malbos. Coherence of quasi-terminating decreasing 2-polygraphs
Luis Moraes and Rakesh Verma. Joinability Reduces to Confluence