Shalini Ghosh


I am a Principal Computer Scientist in the Computer Science Laboratory at SRI in Menlo Park. My official mentor at SRI is Dr. Patrick Lincoln. I completed my PhD in 2005 at the Computer Engineering Research Center in ECE at the University of Texas at Austin. I worked with Prof. Nur Touba in the Computer Aided Testing (CAT) Laboratory. Previously, I did my MS from the Computer Engineering Department of University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC). At UCSC, I worked with the Semiconductor Test Group. My MS Thesis advisor was Prof. F. Joel Ferguson.

I was invited to be a Visiting Scientist at Google Research in Mountain View, as part of the Google Visiting Faculty Program, for more than 1 year (July 2014 to August 2015). I worked on applying deep learning (Google Brain) models to problems in natural language understanding.

Research Interests:

I have worked on applying machine learning models to different domains. I am specifically interested in:

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PhD Thesis: PDF

MS Thesis: PDF

Current (Ongoing) Projects at SRI:

Previous Projects at SRI:

PhD Research (Computer Aided Testing Lab, University of Texas Austin, 2000 to 2005):

Studied the reduction of power consumption in concurrent error detection, for memory ECC checkers and low-power parity prediction circuits. Also studied how to reduce power in offline testing, for weighted pseudo-random BIST and scan testing.

MS Research (Semiconductor Test Group, UC Santa Cruz, 1998 to 2000):

Did MS thesis on fault modeling of interconnect opens using stuck-at tests, provided a statistical model for the conditions required for stuck-at tests to detect interconnect breaks in a circuit.

Internship Research during PhD:


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