Date: 12 Apr 2006 (LAST-MODIFIED)
From: RISKS-request@csl.sri.com
Subject: Info on RISKS (comp.risks), contributions, subscriptions, FTP, etc.

The RISKS Forum is a moderated digest. Its USENET equivalent is comp.risks. Undigestifiers are available throughout the Internet, but not from RISKS.

NOTE: I am sometimes away from the Net for prolonged periods. Do not be surprised if you do not get immediate responses. PGN

NEW NOTE: Due to the manual administrative burden created by "challenge-response" anti-spam systems, no response of any kind will be made to any received e-mail found to be using such systems. This includes e-mail to the list handling system or any other addresses. Any subscribed addresses found to be generating such challenges will be removed from the mailing list and will be barred from re-subscription. Sorry, but challenge-response is simply the wrong way to try stop spam! The sensible alternative for RISKS subscribers is to choose to use an address from which you NEVER send e-mail that is aliased properly to you.


PLEASE read RISKS as a newsgroup (comp.risks or equivalent) on your system, if possible and convenient for you.

Local redistribution services are provided at many other sites as well. Check FIRST with your local system or netnews wizards. If that does not work, THEN please send requests to the automated <risks-request@csl.sri.com >, with first text line:

[with option of E-mail address if not the same as FROM: on the same line].

gets you an ASCII simplification of this file.

gives instructions on using the Majordomo listserver in other ways (although not all are yet implemented for RISKS), and for other SRI-maintained newsgroups.


To risks@csl.sri.com, with appropriate, substantive Subject: line, otherwise they may be ignored. Must be relevant, sound, in good taste, objective, cogent, coherent, concise, nonrepetitious, and without caveats on distribution.

Diversity of content is welcome, but not personal attacks. PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE ENTIRE PREVIOUS MESSAGES in responses.

Contributions will not be ACKed; the load is too great; if you feel neglected, send a follow-up message.

**PLEASE ** include your name & legitimate Internet FROM: address. Anonymized mail is not accepted.


Particularly relevant contributions may be adapted for the RISKS sections of issues of ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes or SIGSAC Review.

* Submissions: By submitting an item that is accepted for publication in RISKS, the author grants permission for unlimited public distribution and redistribution in electronic or other form.

* Reuse: Blanket permission is hereby granted for reuse of all materials in RISKS, under the following conditions. All redistributed items must include the Risks-Forum masthead line. All reuse must be accompanied by the following statement:

  Reused without explicit authorization under blanket 
  permission granted for all Risks-Forum Digest materials.  
  The author(s), the RISKS moderator, and the ACM have no 
  connection with this reuse.

As a courtesy, reusers of individual items (as opposed to forwardings of
entire issues) should notify the authors, and should pay particular
attention to any corrections that appeared in subsequent issues.


RISKS can also be read on the web at URL:


Individual issues can be accessed using a URL of the form:

http://catless.ncl.ac.uk/Risks/ VL.IS.html

[yes, VL = volume, IS= issue]

(Please report any format errors to Lindsay.Marshall@newcastle.ac.uk .)

http://www.risks.org also gets you to the Newcastle archive site.


http://www.risks.org, courtesy of Lindsay Marshall at Newcastle. Also http://sri.com/risks, where the current volume is in the main directory, and earlier volumes are in subtended directories.