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11 Security in Perspective

ENPM 808s
Information Systems Survivability:
11. Security in Perspective

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System and network security, trustworthiness, preventing denials of service (more broadly than just defending against attacks), roles of encryption, secure mobile code.

[UMd Professor Virgil Gligor joined me, with both of us in person at U Md for this lecture. Virgil has an incredibly broad range of experience relating to security, and this resulted in some free-wheeling open discussion on important issues related to survivability, including preventing denials of service, system architecture, the relevance of theoretical contributions, the importance of sound practice, etc.]

Open Discussion Topics
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Security requirements: noncompromisibility, networking, interoperability; defense against insiders, outsiders, denials of service, EMI, ..., according to required trustworthiness
Evaluation criteria, including for networking
Architectures, domains, boundary control, insiders, minimized trustworthiness, secure mobile code, Trusted Xenix, partitioned root privileges, malicious code, Y2K remediation problems
Relevance of MLS, kernels, TCBs,
Good cryptography, properly embedded
Dependability of generalized dependence
Role of software engineering, open source, education, IETF, IPSEC, ICANN, and lots more ...

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