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Correct Architecture Refinement
 by Robert Riemenschneider, Mark Moriconi & Xiaolei Qian.

A method is presented for the stepwise refinement of an abstract architecture into a relatively correct lower-level architecture that is intended to implement it. A refinement step involves the application of a predefined refinement pattern that provides a routine solution to a standard architectural design problem. A pattern contains an abstract architecture schema and a more detailed schema intended to implement it. The two schemas usually contain very different architectural concepts (from different architectural styles). Once a refinement pattern is proven correct, instances of it can be used without proof in developing specific architectures. Individual refinements are compositional, permitting incremental development and local reasoning. A special correctness criterion is defined for the do main of software architecture, as well as an accompanying proof technique. A useful syntactic form of correct composition is defined. The main points are illustrated by means of familiar architectures for a compiler. A prototype implementation of the method has been used successfully in a real application.


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