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Modeling for E-Service Creation
 by Cécile Péraire & Derek Coleman.

Today, the Internet provides a large set of mostly independent resources. In the near future, the Internet will provide e-services built by combining resources to achieve specific goals. This improvement will be possible thanks to new framework technologies, such as E-Speak, Jini, or the Open Agent Architecture. These technologies allow providers to create, compose, deploy, and advertise new e-services, and allow clients to discover and access these e-services. They permit the construction of brokers that dynamically discover and compose e-services to deliver the “best” solution. The emergence of new e-service based systems raises some new issues: What are the conceptual differences between e-service based systems and well-known distributed object-oriented systems? How can these differences be taken into account during the modeling process? The goal of this paper is to present a method, based on industry standard techniques, dedicated to modeling the architecture of e-service based systems.


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