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Gateway Based Approach for Conducting Multiparty Multimedia Sessions over Heterogeneous Signaling Domaines
 by Madhu Sudan & Nachum Shacham.

Emerging networking technologies tend to be introduced complete with their own protocols for resource management; for example, routing, resource reservations, and signaling. Each network offers a quality of service (QOS) interface, and applications take advantage of network signaling to demand and reserve predictive service. Whereas such interaction enhances the performance of applications that run on a specific network, it creates a challenge for applications that run over a heterogeneous infrastructure spanning multiple signaling domains. We present an approach for managing multiparty, multimedia sessions in a heterogenous internetwork spanning multiple signaling domains and diverse link capacities. Participants utilize the native signaling on their respective domains and interact with participants on other domains through signaling gateways that bridge the domains and provide translation of signaling procedures and QOS semantics. Data streams are transmitted using a hierarchical representation, which allows participants to individually tune the quality of each stream they receive to their resources and interests. We present a particular design and implementation details for connecting ATM and IP signaling domains and discuss its extension to an arbitrary number of interconnected domains.
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